Aha mu bu Udoka “Malachi” Odoemene

My name is Udoka “Malachi” Odoemene. I wasn’t raised in a house of musicians and artists. I became involved with music years before I became fully immersed with hip hop. As a member of the elementary and middle school band I gained a solid understanding of the art of music and its various forms. Through saxophone and drum lessons I began to experience a need to compose my own.
While in high school I started a group known then as “the Brothahood.” A group of eight very different emcees all with one common goal. To be heard. This was when I first began working as a producer. Like many other aspiring rappers, we had no money to sponsor any type of production work. I started on Fruity Loops but eventually found myself sticking with a more simplistic hardware based approach to producing.  Unfortunately the group was dismembered late 2006 due to a substantial difference in intended paths for several of the members.
563259506_l Since the end of The Brothahood I have been assisting local artists with there projects by providing a forum in the form of an audio track for them to speak their minds. As each new day approaches I hope to increase the amount of artists I work with and expand my work into the ears of listeners abroad. M


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