Mixtape In The Works With Virginia Based Rapper Louie V

I hate to hype my own music up but this is a project that I’m really excited about. I’m teaming up with an LA artist by the name of Louie V in attempts to create a project that spans the length of the country. Once again I can’t tell you what songs to expect or when exactly this will be released. I can’t even tell you the name yet. Just know that its in route to being something VERY different from what Seattle and the left coast are used to hearing.

As far as Louie goes, he delivers his lyrics through a smooth and well developed flow that never needs an over powering instrumental to enhance his presence on a song. It is obvious even to the untrained listener that my man is a product of a multi- cultural Hip Hop scene that has allowed him to experiment with different forms of the genre. A scene that spans the width of the country. He currently resides in Virginia and has plans to re-located to L.A. in the future where he will undoubtedly be recognized as one of the region’s premier emcees. Even in a market that is over saturated with musicians, Louie V’s style will be the driving force in his attempts to stand out.

Click the link below to follow Louie V on Twitter!



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