Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Vs Ep” Release Date Postponed

According to the duo’s Myspace page the Vs Ep will be released digitally on Myspace next Tuesday, December 15th. The digital copy will contain one bonus track that the hard copy wont have. In the mean time you can listen to Macklemore’s previous release “The Unplanned Mixtape” to get your fix of the popular Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Duo.

Heres a video of one of the songs off the mixtape entitled “Irish Celebration.” This song captures a very catchy Irish melody that carries out underneath Lewis’s well crafted rhythmic production.



2 Responses to “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Vs Ep” Release Date Postponed”

  1. […] this video to the song “The Town” of Macklemore’s The Unplanned Mixtape. The song was produced by Vitamin D and the video was directed by filmmaker […]

  2. […] one got left off of The Vs. Ep. Another good song from the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis duo, and well… this ones pretty self […]

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