Whatcom’s New Lightcatcher Museum

I was reading the Seattle Times earlier and came across an article by Seattle Times reporter Tan Vinh about the new Whatcom Lightcatcher Museum. I just thought it was so dope that the new Whatcom Museum is becoming such a big hit not just amongst the people of Bellingham, but of the entire state and beyond.

The museum opened its doors a few weeks ago on November 14th after a 12 year construction effort.  According to the museum’s website it is named for its focal point and most innovative feature — a spectacular, translucent wall 37 feet high and 180 feet long, that captures the Northwest’s most precious natural resource: sunlight. The 42,000-square-foot-building integrates natural materials native to the region and will be the first museum in Washington designed and registered to LEED Silver-Level specifications.

The glowing 38 foot high walls attracted nearly 5,000 people on opening day alone. I’m sure the city is hoping that the number of people walking through the doors stays at a consistently high number in order to justify the 18.3 million dollar price tag that came with it. I’ll be heading up to Bellingham within the next few weeks so a glance at the 42,000 square foot contemporary art collection is somewhere in my foreseeable future.



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