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Tacoma Production Team Announces Another Single From Omarion’s Ollusion Album

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Tacoma Based Production team 253 has made their imprint all over the Omarion album entitled “Ollusion” which is set to drop January 12th of 2010. Not only can they be credited for his single Hoodie, but they also produced the tracks “What Do You Say,” and “Code Red.” These are probably the most slept on producers in the northwest so I highly suggest checking out their work. It was just announced that that the track “Speedin” will be the next single so this is the fourth song on Ollusion that 253 can be credited with.



Darien Brockington’s “The Cold Case Files”

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Durham Native Darien Brockington is known for his collaborations with such acts as Little Brother, The Foreign Exchange, Pete Rock, and 9th Wonder. After his last studio album “Somebody To Love” showed a wide range of vocal skills for the singer/song writer he has come up with yet another addition to his catalog. The Cold Case Files features 23 tracks and is available for download on his website.


Termanology 3AM Freestyle

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This is a freestyle from Termanology, hes got a project comming out soon in the new year called 1982 that will be produced by Statik Selektah.

Termanology 3AM Freestyle


Kendrick Lamar’s Ep Gets Closer

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Compton rapper and Jay Rock affiliate Kendrick Lamar’s self titled Ep will be released digitally for free download via Itunes on  the 31st of this month. Check my man out, he comes with what many would refer to as an unorthodox approach to his music considering the history of emcees that have emerged from the same city.

This is Mr Lamar and producer Soundwave in the studio making his track “Celebration.”


Merry Christmas From The Cool Kids and Don Cannon

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Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate to everyone and whoever you choose to or not choose  to celebrate your holidays with!(Trying to be all kinds of politically correct.) Heres the latest from the 90’s influenced Chicago Duo. Mr Inglish and and Sir Michael of The Rocks have left us a very special gift in the form of an Ep. The only guest appearance on the 4 tracks is Detroit new comer Boldy James.

DOWNLOAD-Click here to download the Christmas Ep. Be patient with this one, I was having trouble with it.


Macklemore Releases Official Video For “The Town”

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Here this video to the song “The Town” off Macklemore’s The Unplanned Mixtape. The song was produced by Vitamin D and the video was directed by filmmaker Zia Mohajerjasbi. I can’t say enough about the quality of the video and the way it portrays our city with its almost dreamlike scenes of the skyline and people. This may by my favorite Seattle music video, and if not its a close second to Jake One’s Home video which was shot by the same director. Look out for all the cameos from names such as DJ Hyphen, Nam, Geologic, Ra Scion, and many many more!

If you still havn’t heard The Unplanned Mixtape click here to download it.

This is the edited version of the video. After it was originally released yesterday the 23rd, it was brought to everyone’s attention that in the rush to get the video out on time, an unauthorized scene was mistakenly left in the final product. This is the new and final version of The Town. Enjoy!!


Pacquiao Refuses Olympic Style Drug Test

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Floyd Mayweather’s camp has reported that Manny Pacquiao has refused olympic style drug testing that would take place within the 30 days prior to the fight scheduled for March 13th. For those unfamiliar with this sort of testing it not only consists of a blood analysis, but also random urin samples prior to and after the fight.

Pacquiao’s camp is claiming that the testing is unnecessary and that Manny should only have to pass the drug tests sanctioned by the Neveada State Athletic Commission. It looks like neither side is budging in what looked like a done deal.

My personal opinion is that Manny should just take the test and forget about all his superstitions about getting blood taken. His camp is saying that he feels as if it would weaken him. To me this doesn’t make sense seeing as how the sample is only a small amount of blood.  They have also stated that the Mayweather camp is asking that the test be implemented because they know Pacquiao is scared of needles. How can this be true? Doesn’y he have a bunch of tatoos on him? Why give up millions because of a drug test? Something seems a little fishy to me.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I want to hear what other people have to say on the matter.

This is the ESPN video that explains the situation in more detail.

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