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Local Beat Battles Hosted By Justis

Posted in Town Bizness on November 25, 2009 by malachiproducer

Its that time of the year again!! Yeah…a time for spending precious  moments with your loved ones and all that but thats not what were here for today. Its that time of year when a producer isn’t just defined by his name or past production work. A time when compressed kicks and snares rattle the stage. A time when suspensful intros explode into monsterous beats!!

Yup, its beat battle time. My man Justis is hosting yet another beat battle December 17th that I will participate in. Can’t really say who I expect to be there competing but I can promise major slaps. Check out this link to 206proof with some videos on the events that went down at one of their past battles at Studio 7.

See yall there!!!



What’s Love Video By Draze

Posted in Put You On Some Game with tags , , , on November 14, 2009 by malachiproducer

This video was shot back in June but a lot of people are still asking me about it. What do me, Draze, and Dj DV-One have i common? Well besides a love for music, its this video.

I was approached by the female vocalist in the song to act out the part of Chris brown for the shoot. I heard the song and instantly signed on to do it.

My man Draze does his story thing better than most rappers in the town so you wont be suprised when you hear how well e articulates this story through the song and video. Draze has a series of “mixtape movies” that he does so be sure to check him out to hear and see more of his work. Dudes amazing i promise you. I have the link to his site down on the bottom left hand side of this site.


Crack Music

Posted in Put You On Some Game with tags , , , , on November 11, 2009 by malachiproducer

Heres a track that the hommie Justis is on. This Boss Life Remix track is also featuring Fice, Logics, and Fatal Lucciauno Of Sportin’ Life Records.

A little northwest crack on a westcoast track.

Don;t forget me and Justis also have an Ep in the works as we speak!! It’s gonna be a cold winter ladies and gents!!

Celebrity Beat Battle?

Posted in Nation Wide Haps with tags , , , , , on November 9, 2009 by malachiproducer

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Red Bull Big Tune battle. For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years its a nation wide beat battle that started in Seattle. It gives producers a chance to showcase their music in front of an audience and battle an opposing producer at the same time. The participants of the battle are generally local up and coming producers.

There is also a celebrity beat battle that more “well known” producers compete in. After seeing this footage, I have to say that the producers in the Big Tune go 100 times harder than these guys. I’m not saying these guys don’t have talent or that these tracks weren’t fire, I’m just saying that if these are the tracks behind gold selling records, then there should be a few unnamed producers from Seattle in the mix. More proof that after awhile your music doesn’t make you money, your name does. See for yourself.

BTW…..Illmind is one of my favorite producers to listen to, dudes on some other shit if you ask me.


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So were full steam ahead. Ive decided to release an album fully produced by yours truly. The album will be titled “The 11th Hour Theory”. Im planning on releasing it in mid to late spring 2010. I can’t say for sure who you can expect to be featured on the album but I can promise it will be a mixture of both local and more nationally known artists.

The title comes from my own personal beliefs that those who are last shine brighter than those who are first. Seattle hip hop to me is one of the last amongst hip hop communities within larger metropolitan areas to be heard on a co basis on a national level. I feel as if my music has not yet seen the complete light of day so the album strives to prove my theory correct.

If your an artist  feel free to hit me up if you would like to know more details and are interested in being a part of this. I titled this post impatience because I felt the need to come out and do something for myself. Trying to get music on other peoples mixtapes, albums, etc just wasn’t  cutting it so I have to do it my way.